Sprachreise 6F

Sprachreise (6F)

„Dia dhuit“ (Hello)

Gruppenfoto in DublinOn March 24th we met at the Linz airport, took the plane to Frankfurt and then to Dublin. After an exhausting journey, our host parents finally picked us up at the meeting point and on our first evening only suitcases were unpacked and we spent time talking to our host families over dinner. The next day we visited Glendalough, where the tour guide showed us the monastery and an amazing lake. It was incredible! Since we had a day off on Sunday, we considered going to the beach together as a class. Unfortunately, it was very windy and cold that day, but as we know now, that is typical for Dublin.

From Monday to Thursday, we went to a language school, where our teacher Keith, who is a nice guy, practiced speaking English with us. Keith prepared various activities so that we never got bored. On the following days, our programme consisted of the Dublin City Walking Tour, the Howth Cliff Walk, which was a highlight for all of us, Book of Kells & Campus Tour and bowling in the evening. On Friday it was time to pack up our things and return to Linz. In general, we had a great time.

„Slán“ (Bye)

Tijana Basic, 6f