Malta Trip 5L

Gruppenfoto beim WandernMALTA TRIP (5L)

From the 1st to the 8th of May, our class, the 5L, went on the trip of a lifetime to Malta. Even though we had to get up extremely early to catch our plane to Valletta, the journey to our hotel was enjoyable. Our excitement increased once we arrived at the hotel. Not only were our rooms beautiful, but we also had balconies with a wonderful view of the Mediterranean Sea – we even had the permission to use the hotel’s infinity pool!

SchülerInnen auf einem BootThe following seven days we spent doing various activities. Sometimes, our super nice tour guide Josette- who we all loved- led us around the most interesting cities of Malta, like Valletta or Mdina, or around neighbouring islands, like Gozo. In general, we learnt a lot about Malta’s history and culture. The Knights of Saint John, the wars and sieges – there is nothing about Malta’s history that we don’t know anymore. On other days, we had the opportunity to go to the beach, which we loved since the weather was perfect. We played volleyball and other games, went swimming in the ocean, listened to music and had the chance to relax. During the evenings, we either went swimming in the pool or watched movies together which made us grow closer as a class.

Am StrandI think I can say on the behalf of the whole class that we are extremely grateful for everyone that helped make this trip take place. It was one of the best things we’ve ever experienced. A huge thank you to the Lisa support association for financing some of this trip. Also, a huge thank you to our teachers, Mrs Gauch and Mr Grasser, for organizing this trip, accompanying us and making the experience even more enjoyable!

Anna Högler